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Anonymous whispered: I know "winter is coming" and "one ring to rule them all" in polish. What else is there to learn before I can ask out all the nerdy polish girls? :P

oh gosh, I have no idea about all these dating and ‘wooing’ thing ehehehe ;D 

first of all: you should know that usually all these nice sound phrases as ‘winter is coming’ [„Zima nadciąga”] sound really bad in polish… and sometimes when they’re translated, they loose their original meaning and make no sense/sound stupid… [except LOTR quotes. imho lotr quotes sound really good, but this is the exception that proves the rule]

I don’t know what would you like to know? uhm… you can send me some nice quotes and I’ll try to find good translation to them…

and bdw: if you wanna try to speak polish, no matter what you gonna say, you will sound cool, because polish people usually like people who try to speak polish.